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Ground Transportation



At RT 62 Pet Transport, we offer ground transportation services all across the nation weekly (our routed maps are located at the bottom of this page). Our goal is to get your pet to you safely, efficiently and with as little stress for you and your pet as possible. To ensure lower stress levels for the pets we transport, we limit the stop and go off highway driving. Limiting off highway driving not only helps minimize the chance of your pet getting motion sickness but also helps our driver cover more distance in a shorter time, cutting down on the total driving time/stress of each pet traveling with us. 


      We travel many of the major highways around the eastern states and can usually find a safe meeting spot within a 10-20 minute drive of your home although there are situations where you may need to drive farther to meet us near a highway.

       For the safety of our driver we require all drop off locations to have security cameras and spacious parking lots. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes and Costco are usually great places to meet since they are often near the highway and will have surveillance cameras along with ample parking space.



       We take bookings for our ground routes until close the day prior to departure, we then put all the buyers locations into our mapping system and plan the route to be as efficient as possible. Then the morning of the day of departure pick up all the pets that are traveling with us. After all the pick ups are done we have Dr. Aaron Wise from "East Holmes Veterinary Clinic" come to our facility to examine each pet to ensure that they are healthy and ready for travel. 

       Only after all the pets are picked up will we be able to begin narrowing down an ETA for your pets delivery. After all pets are picked up and all final preparation and planning is done, the driver will contact you with a location and time to meet. Up until this time we can only estimate (based on past trips) what time we anticipate our driver to be in your area.


   All pets are given food & water throughout the entire trip.



      Any estimate you are given prior to contact from our driver is strictly an estimate and by no means a promise or guarantee. Even after the driver contacts you with an ETA there are still factors that are beyond our control such as traffic and weather. If there is a delay the driver will keep you updated as s/he goes. The safety of our driver and all the pets on board will ALWAYS be our number one priority. Our drivers work hard to be as accurate as possible with the ETA they give you, but please understand that giving an ETA to someone who is up to a thirty hour drive away can be challenging and the aforementioned factors can have a rather large effect in this span of time. 

      Please make sure you are on time and have your photo ID ready. We always check ID. If you are sending someone to meet the driver in your place make sure you contact us well ahead of time so we can add that person to your booking. If the person you send is not added to your booking, or if your photo ID does not match the name on the booking, the driver will not release the pet to you. Once your identity has been confirmed the driver will collect any payments that are due. Lastly, the driver will ask to take a picture of you with your new pet for proof of delivery (this is not optional). This photo may also be used for our social media, website, or advertising purposes unless you request otherwise. 


-If you are not responding to texts or phone calls our driver will go to the meet location and wait for 15 minutes if you at that point have not showed up or responded to any attempts to contact you the driver will leave. The transport cost will be collected from the breeder and deducted from the deposit you made for your pet.

-If you are late we will allow you up to 15 minutes at no charge after which you will be charged a wait fee of $120 per hour starting from the time you were supposed to be there. 

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   Unlike other transport companies who take a van and simply throw in some wire cages/crates, our transport vehicles have stainless steel and aluminum built-in kennels with drop-through floors to ensure maximum safety and comfort during travel. After each trip the entire van is cleaned and disinfected in a six step process to make sure there is never any cross contamination. To further reduce risk to your pet, no pet is ever able to have nose to nose contact with any other pet. All our vehicles are insulated and lined with washable non-porous materials for cleanability. Our transport vehicles are also temperature controlled and monitored at all times. Our ventilation system is specifically designed for pet transport, and replaces all the air in the vehicle with fresh air every 2 minutes.



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         WEST ROUTE




         SOUTH ROUTE                                       FLORIDA

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