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Professional Pet Transportation Services


  We are a USDA certified pet transportation company located in Northeast Ohio with unmatched quality. We take pride in delivering your pets safely to their families all across the nation. We travel from Ohio to the East coast, West coast and the southern tip of Florida weekly. We work with breeders, shelters and rescues to get pets to their "furever" homes. Our goal is to get pets to their "furever" families safely, efficiently, and stress-free.


To ensure lower stress levels for the pets we transport, we limit the stop and go off highway driving. Limited off highway driving not only helps minimize the chance of your pet getting motion sickness, but also helps our driver cover more distance in a shorter time, cutting down on the total driving time/stress of each pet traveling with us. We arrive at our first California stop 36 hours after departure! We always have two drivers in the vehicle which makes deliveries simple, fast-tracked, and more secure. Last minute delivery? No problem! Deadlines are the day before departure, and Dr. Aaron Wise with East Holmes Veterinary Clinic comes out to vet check your puppy for the required travel documents. We make it easy, as it should be.


We also work with East Holmes Veterinary Clinic to help make your vet visits easier. We now offer pickup and delivery service to and from the clinic in Berlin, OH.  Whether its a simple exam or an emergency vet run call our office for quick, easy and stress free pickup and delivery service.

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When our family pet had little furbabies and we needed to have a few puppies transported we struggled to find a transport company that met the standards we felt needed to be met. We wanted more than a van with wire cages or pet taxis stacked in the back. We wanted clean sanitary conditions for our puppies to travel in, so after searching without any luck we decided to start a company that prioritized pet safety over profits.

We are a USDA certified pet transportation company located in Northeast Ohio. We take pride in delivering your pets safely, comfortably, and affordably to their "furever" homes all across the nation every week. 









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